Choosing The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

logitech g900 chaos spectrumA gaming mouse that’s any good must inevitably satisfy 3 criteria:

  • A DPI level of at least 3,000
  • 2 additional programmable buttons or more
  • Comfortable for long hours of use

Oh, and of course the price of the mouse but that’s obvious. Wireless mice do tend to be significantly  more expensive compared to its wired counterparts so be prepared to fork out a little more for it.

All of the best wireless gaming mice listed here are priced above $80, though if you get them from Amazon, there’s almost always a discount available (up to 30%!).

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular wireless mice right below in a chart and yes, all of them are perfectly suitable for gaming and have been endorsed by tons of gamers everywhere on online discussion boards, forums, review sites and whatnot. Their most essential specifications have also been listed so that you can make a comparison for yourself, but if you want to skip to the juicy part where we’ll be choosing a wireless gaming mouse that we deem is the absolute best, then go ahead and scroll right down to the bottom.

 Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumLogitech G602Logitech G700sRazer OrochiRazer Ouroboros
logitech g900 (Custom) (2)logitech_g602logitech_g700srazer_orochirazer_ouroboros
Editor's Rating10/108.5/108/108/107.5/10
Amazon Rating4.3/54.4/54.1/53.7/53.8/5
No. of Amazon Reviews1268421457270289
Maximum DPI120006400820064008200
Extra Buttons841048
Sensor TypeOpticalDual (laser + optical)LaserLaserDual (laser + optical)
Weight Ounces)
Battery Life (Hours)31170113012
RechargeableCharges in wired modeBatteries must be separately chargedCharges in wired modeBatteries must be separately chargedCharges in wired mode

*To take into account the fluctuation of the prices:

$ means less than $100 | $$ means $100-150 | $$$ means above $150

Why A DPI Level Of At Least 3,000?

There have been a ton of reviews and boring studies conducted on whether a higher DPI really contributes significantly to the precision level of the mouse. The answer is without a doubt, yes but only to a certain limit. And that limit’s around 3,000. Because all gaming mice these days can easily achieve over 3000 DPI, you shouldn’t worry too much about this aspect.

2 Programmable Buttons Or More

Assuming you’re a gamer (which you probably are or you wouldn’t be here), you’ll want at least 2 handy buttons on the sides where you can bind your hotkeys because these can easily be reached without you having to stretch your other hand halfway across keyboard to activate a button. If you’re heavily into MMOs, then you might want to get a mouse with more buttons. This is purely a personal preference here.


You could have a mouse with top-end specifications and that looks awesome but if it doesn’t provide you with the comfort factor, you wouldn’t be able to use it for long and chances are your gaming performance will degrade substantially as well. Finger or hand cramps are also possible midway or after a gaming session. This is one huge aspect to be considered. When choosing your mouse, always look out for statements or reviews praising its comfort or ergonomics.

Choosing The Ideal Wireless Gaming Mouse

Fortunately, there isn’t really much of a variety that’s available when it comes to choosing an excellent wireless mouse. This is a good thing as you wouldn’t have to properly analyze each option extensively to determine which one is best for you. Not many companies do offer wireless options for gaming purposes and the only 2 major gaming peripherals company that have good wireless mice options would be Logitech and Razer.

Based on our research and analysis, we’ve come up with a short list of the best wireless mouse for gaming that would suit the needs of most gamers:

  1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (The review can be found down below.)
  2. Logitech G602
  3. Razer Orochi 2013

To cut things short, we’ve decided that the absolute best wireless gaming mouse in 2016 is Logitech’s G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G900 Wireless Review

logitech g900 side profileWith a tremendous DPI of 12000 and 6 additional programmable buttons (this is exclusive of the 2 primary mouse buttons and 3 button functions that the scroll wheel can act as), the Logitech G900 certainly qualifies as an excellent wireless mouse. What makes it the best though?

Top-end Specifications Whilst Retaining The Comfort Factor

With up to 12000 DPI, a high button count (6 additional buttons) and excellent ergonomics, there’s really nothing more you could ask for. Despite having such a high button count, the buttons are all really well placed and aren’t obstructive at all.

This is rare because there are some less comfortable choices like the Razer Naga series, with its 12 buttons laid out on the left side of the mouse, which really gets in the way especially if you want to flick the mouse quickly to the right but you end up pressing down on some of these buttons unintentionally with your thumb.

The G900, on the other hand, does not riddle the grips with buttons where your thumb will be placed. Instead, there are only 2 of such buttons on its left side but these are located slightly above the thumb grip to avoid any accidental triggering of the buttons. These buttons are elongated with their edges slightly protruding so that you can identify them easily by touch.

g900 side buttons removedBecause the G900 is an ambidextrous mouse (suitable for both right and left handed gamers), it actually comes fitted with 2 side buttons on its left, as mentioned above, as well as 2 side buttons on the right, but they are all detachable and can be replaced with a side cover that comes with the mouse. Personally, I went with only 2 left side buttons because I’m used to them being there on my previous mice, and I find the 2 additional right buttons unnecessary and difficult to press with your ring or pinky finger, so I just replaced them with a cover instead.

Just in case you’re confused about where the buttons are located though, they are as follows: Left click, right click, middle wheel click, left wheel click, right wheel click, 2 removable left buttons, 2 removable right buttons, 2 buttons below scroll wheel.

logitech g900 top viewBattery Life

This is where the G900 shines. It lasts up to 31 hours with LED lighting on. Fully charging it from 0 to 100% takes about 2 hours. Now, one of the better things about the G900 is the fact that it’s rechargeable while plugged in. You might reason that the same can be done for every other wireless mouse as long as you purchase a set of rechargeable batteries for them, and you’d be right, but with one huge caveat. For many other mice, you’d have to remove the batteries and charge them separately before inserting them into the mouse and powering it up again. The G900, on the other hand, can be charged while being used in its wired mode via a USB cable connected to the PC, which means that there’d essentially be no downtime at all, so long as you don’t mind using it in its wired mode 6-7% of the time.


The design and curves of the Logitech G900 are very sleek and smooth and doesn’t look like it came out of a Transformers movie (a huge plus in my books!). With its LED lighting turned on, it will look every bit like a gamer’s mouse without going overboard with unnecessary features. An easy 10/10 in the looks department! Price-wise though..


This is literally the only thing that kept us from giving this mouse a full 10/10 rating. It’s a quite expensive (at about $150), but definitely worthwhile investment if you are willing to spend on it though.


The G900 excels in terms of its weight as well. At a mere 3.8 ounces, it’s fairly light and glides easily across my mousepad.

In general however, its well designed curves, comfort level, and technical specifications have led us to select it as the best wireless mouse that’s currently available as at the date of this post.

logitech g900 partsUser Reviews

Finally, the G900 has scored very favorable reviews (an average rating of 4.3 out of 5) from 126 Amazon reviews. As our second pick, the Logitech G602 looks really awesome but it just doesn’t come with the same level of convenience that we’re able to get from the G900 i.e. that you can recharge the mouse while it’s still plugged in. Instead, you have to pop in a new set of batteries for the G602 to work, and recharge the old ones separately.

Also, tons of users have also agreed on the fact that the G900 ergonomics are top-notch, which makes it extremely comfortable and appropriate for long hours of usage. I, myself, play MMOs mostly including WoW and Final Fantasy 14 and the Logitech G900 is great for handling these games. I’ve personally tried out a ton of gaming mice like the DeathAdder (pre-2013 and 2013 versions), the Orochi, the Logitech MX-518, SteelSeries Sensei and a couple of other Corsair and CoolerMaster mice. The only other mouse that comes close to the G900 in terms of the comfort would be the DeathAdder but unfortunately it’s a wired mouse. For wireless models, the G900 is the best by far. I honestly don’t see myself getting any other gaming mouse soon and you might feel the same way with the G900.

Check the price & reviews of Logitech G900 on Amazon