About Us

Hi, thanks for stopping by! My name’s Gavin and I own this site here: GamingGearLab.com.

I’ve been an avid gamer since I was really young, back when all the games were being played on DOS mode. I think it was Doom and Raptor (arcade-like plane shooter game) that really got to me and I was hooked. Since then, I did everything I could that has to do with computers. I joined a computer club in my school and we had a mix of the conventional PC with Windows in it as well as Apple computers. I still remember very clearly the first mouse I used and it was a trackball mouse. The mischievous kids back then (not me) used to open up the slots beneath the mice to remove the trackballs for some unknown reason and as such, a LOT of them couldn’t be used and had to be replaced constantly.

Later on, the school replaced these with optimal mice which really impressed me (I thought they were laser). I didn’t really own my very own mouse, or computer for that matter, till I was in my university days and I began making a little money on the side to be able to afford these things. While I was looking for a good mouse for gaming purposes however, I found that there’s just too much information or individual reviews scattered everywhere. Most of these “reviews” are purely based on opinions while some are based on personal experiences over a very short period of time. Plus, the majority of them didn’t include cold hard facts on the mouse’s performance specifications.

There just isn’t any particular site that compiles all the specifications, ratings, reviews, which I think would be extremely helpful to someone who’s looking to make a comparison between all the top mice available before choosing the best one for his or her needs. And in looking to an excellent mouse for my own use (mostly for gaming), I’ve compiled all of these information into a single chart which I call the Ultimate Mice Comparison Chart.

In this website, I also provide in-depth reviews on some of the more popular mice available these days whilst constantly checking up on the latest mice and going through the Amazon reviews in order to keep this website up to date.

I hope this website will provide all the information you’ll need to determine the best gaming gear for you!